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Title: Two for the price of one
Post by: flower-child-68 on April 29, 2013, 11:53:18 am
Wanted to share this article I found. It is talking about the UK but could just as easily be written about anyway in the US.

HIV and hepatitis warning over illegal tattooists

Increasingly popular unlicensed tattoo parlours are putting users at risk of contracting hepatitis and HIV, council leaders have warned.

Illegal operators working out of residential properties, garden sheds, pubs and clubs, or advertising home visits on social media sites, are tempting consumers away from registered parlours with cheap deals, the Local Government Association (LGA) said.

It claims such operators are more likely to use substandard equipment and inadequate sterilisation, and are less likely to check the customer's age or medical history. As a result, customers looking for a cheap deal are exposing themselves to a higher risk of serious skin irritations or viruses like hepatitis and HIV.

Here's the rest of it