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Title: Hep C Treatment Working!!!
Post by: Sally on March 03, 2014, 07:36:48 am
Hey guys hope this is how I start a new thread lol....Thank you so very much for the kind words, and advice! I can't tell anyone else what is going on I live in a very small VERY JUDGMENTAL town, I would NEVER live this down.. I wish I had at least 1 friend I could talk to but I don't, and having NO support what so ever almost broke me down, but Instead it has made me so much stronger. I had my son tested 6 months ago I had this when I was pregnant, I told no one including the delivery doctor, and nurses. I was petrified but he is negative THANK THE GOOD LORD! I have went from a  size 21 to a 15, and now the 15 is falling down my butt lol...I'm not losing weight on purpose, but I swear these meds feel like they are eating my guts! My doctor told me to take extra strength Tylenol, NO ADVIL so I called her after reading a few messages in this forum and she said that while Tylenol is harder on your liver, and that in normal circumstances we are to NOT use Tylenol, but Ibuprofen does nothing for the muscle pain, or any other symptoms associated with this treatment, so I did hear her right..I haven't taken anything  for pain in 5 days I don't understand why everyone else is so sick yet the only thing wrong with me is weight and hair loss, upset stomach, slight headache at times and I'm so so very tired. I was scared to death to do this treatment just from what I have read, and even what my own Doctor told me but the experience has been very different then what I expected. I've been reading trying to find at least 1 other person who is not living a nightmare while doing this treatment, having gotten through these past 8 weeks as easily as I have I'm left wondering why so many people haven't done this, it would make no difference to me how sick I was, at the end of 24 weeks if I'm cured it was well worth ANYTHING I had to go through. Thanks again for helping me through this difficult time It sure has helped me to keep going :)
Title: Re: Hep C Treatment Working!!!
Post by: lporterrn on March 03, 2014, 10:39:50 am
Hi Sally,
I am impressed and inspired by your determination. There are lots of people who have been through treatment (and yes, wish more were brave enough to). I went through it 3 times before I was cured.
Your doc is right - Tylenol is the better choice over ibuprofen (Advil). However, Tylenol has to be taken as directed - beware of excess doses,, esp from acetaminophen in other sources, such as cold and pain meds. Here's an article I wrote about it: http://www.hcvadvocate.org/news/newsLetter/2014/advocate0214.html#2 (http://www.hcvadvocate.org/news/newsLetter/2014/advocate0214.html#2)
Other side effect tips can be found at the same website at http://www.hcvadvocate.org/hepatitis/factsheets.asp (http://www.hcvadvocate.org/hepatitis/factsheets.asp) Also, I've written 2 books about it, but looks like you are in good shape - you can read a lot of the books for free on Amazon or my website http://www.lucindaporterrn.com/ (http://www.lucindaporterrn.com/) We are here for you - keep in touch.
Title: Re: Hep C Treatment Working!!!
Post by: Sally on March 06, 2014, 10:21:07 am
You went through treatment 3 times?? When did you find out each time that it didn't work? That sure has given me a lot to think about..I'm glad you were strong enough to go through it that many times, as for me I'll do this as many times as it takes, I just hope this is the only time lol.  I did # 10 Tuesday night, and boy did I get sick. I didn't get my 8 glasses of water in my system before doing it, it sure makes a big difference when you drink the water, you wouldn't think it would have that big of an impact on how you feel but it really does, now the first thing I do in the morning is drink 2 glasses then every time I go to the kitchen I drink another glass. I wish I had energy though, that's the only thing that is driving me crazy, oh and I want to dye my hair the gray sure is coming in BAD since treatment started I haven't died my hair since I was 14 there's 3 boxes waiting but my doc said absolutely NOT until July :( I wonder if I did dye it would it cause me to lose a lot of my hair???
Title: Re: Hep C Treatment Working!!!
Post by: lporterrn on March 07, 2014, 12:06:08 am
The first time I found out after 3 months, the 2nd after 48 weeks. The 3rd time worked. If you dye your hair, it will cause your hair to be dry and brittle, which it already is from treatment, I assume. However, a gentle semi-permanent tint rather than a harsh dye is safer. Be sure you use products that moisturize your hair and you should be OK.
Title: Re: Hep C Treatment Working!!!
Post by: iana5252 on March 07, 2014, 09:13:58 am
Hi Sally,

Check out I Help C Karen Hoyt's blog about hair coloring while living with hepatitis C...

Hair Color with Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis