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Title: Coinfected With HIV and Hep C? Time To Party Like It’s 1996
Post by: iana5252 on March 18, 2014, 12:34:18 pm
Hep's editor-at-large Ben Ryan provides an update on treatment options for those co-infected with HCV and HIV.

As hepatitis C treatment undergoes a revolution akin to the introduction of HIV antiretrovirals, the doors are swinging wide open for people coinfected with HIV to be cured of hep C.

If you think that having HIV means you can’t be cured of a coinfection with hepatitis C, then think again. If you think the only way to rid yourself of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and to spare your liver of its damaging consequences is to undergo a year of interferon treatment, suffering from the drug’s miserable flu-like side effects, there is good news for you.

The hep C revolution is upon us. Echoing the 1996 introduction of HIV antiretroviral cocktails, 2014 is all but certain to go down in history as HCV’s watershed year (give or take a few months on either end)

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