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Title: What is this !!!
Post by: billu8660 on January 06, 2015, 11:37:29 am

 I am Bilal Ahmed Awan from Karachi Pakistan, i am an electronics engineer, i got recently tested for HCV anitbody with CMIA 4Th generation and got 3.61 weak positive with cuttoff of 1.0, i did this test because i want to go to Malaysia for my masters.

I retested my self with ELISA and got non reactive negative value of 0.028 with a cuttoff of 0.280 . Then i tried ECLIA and still non reactive negative value of 0.039 with a cuttoff of 1.0 !!

Then i searched the net for test algorithm and got another test done, Qualitative HCV RNA (PCR) , amazingly there is no virus there RNA not detected !!

Now, the govt affiliated testing org is quite puzzled with this situation as CMIA 4Th gen is showing weak positive and i have no virus and other HCV antibody are also negative.

Experts please guide me in this situation, if i am not a carrier of HCV then WHAT IS THIS !!
Title: Re: What is this !!!
Post by: Mike on January 10, 2015, 09:40:05 pm
Hi Bilal,

The logical explanation would be that you had a false-positive CMIA 4Th gen test or a mistake was made at the lab.

The Qualitative HCV RNA test identifies the actual virus in the blood, and since the other 2 test you had (ELISA and ECLIA) were also negative, it is most likely a faulty CMIA test.

Best wishes, Mike