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Title: anyone having difficult body aches from olysio solvadi ?
Post by: 808state on February 20, 2015, 02:33:52 pm
I am almost half way through Olysio/Solvadi treatment. I have an undetectable viral load, which is great. I am co infected w/ h.i.v. and have psoriatic arthritis, but my pain is off the charts. I did Interferon in 05 for 4 months and also had a good response, but I just couldn't endure a recommended extra 12 months. Those side effects were awful. Life threatening in fact. This is better but I wasn't expecting to have such pain. I am even on medication for pain (both prescribed and over the counter) but nothing touches it. I can bull through till the end as I do feel I will have a s.v.r. I was just wondering if anyone else was having this bad side effect or arthritis flair up as I don't know which it is . I am going to my pain clinic next week and could perhaps try something else, if I knew someone with the same experience