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Title: What's the chance of being HCV infection via blood transfusion?
Post by: BeWell on April 25, 2015, 10:48:29 pm
<<-Blood or blood-product transfusions (especially before 1992).>>
Hi, I was diagnosed with HCV 1b in 2005. I realize that it's not really important how I was infected but it still bothers me. I had blood transfusion (2units) in May of 1995. I never shared any needles with anybody or had any situation where I could exchange blood (as far as I know) except for mentioned transfusion in the hospital. I think blood transfusion was the source of my infection but doctor said that it's not possible. After I was diagnosed all members of my family got checked and cleared. Was it really impossible to get hcv via blood transfusion in 1995?

Thanks for support! Because of hcv stigma felt very lonely in outside world until found this forum.
Title: Re: What's the chance of being HCV infection via blood transfusion?
Post by: Lynn K on April 26, 2015, 03:28:05 am
My hep c was picked up by the blood bank when I donated in the fall of 1990. Once blood tests for hep c were implemented the blood supply was considered safe just as all blood is tested for HIV.

So while we live in an imperfect world the likelihood is very small. I did find this info from the American Cancer Society


"Hepatitis B and C

Viruses that attack the liver cause these forms of hepatitis. Hepatitis is the most common disease transmitted by blood transfusions. A 2009 study on hepatitis B in donated blood suggested that the risk is about 1 in every 800,000 units or less. About 1 blood transfusion in 1.6 million may transmit hepatitis C.

Work continues to be done to reduce the risk of these infections even further. In most cases there are no symptoms, but hepatitis can sometimes lead to liver failure and other problems.

Several steps are routinely taken to reduce the risk of hepatitis from blood transfusion. People who are getting ready to donate blood are asked questions about hepatitis risk factors and symptoms of hepatitis. Donated blood is also tested to find hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and liver problems that could be signs of other types of hepatitis."

Many people don't know where they got hep c as far as the stigma whether you say you don't know or you feel sure you got it from that transfusion won't make any difference to the world out there. They may believe you they may not. It won't change a thing about what the world thinks.

I know where I got hep c I was 19 away from home in the Army and I had a roommate who did the needle. I tried it all of three times and moved on. That was 37 years ago a life time ago I was not a bad person then and I am not a bad person now and anyone who thinks less of me because I was a crazy kid well they can just kiss my "what?"

Not religious in any way but makes me think of "judge not lest ye be judged".

I figure it is their problem not mine or yours or any of us we are all good people and deserving of human respect no matter how we got hep c.

Ok stepping down off of soap box now
Title: Re: What's the chance of being HCV infection via blood transfusion?
Post by: BeWell on April 26, 2015, 07:52:03 am
Thank you Lynn!
You are very kind and generous - with your time and heart.