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Title: confused scared
Post by: canttakeit on May 27, 2015, 10:43:59 am
About 3 months back on march 5th I took a trip to Florida visited a strip club got a hand job with stripers spit.She just finished with another client prior.6 days later developed swollen lymph node white patch in mouth and felt sick.14 days after incedent came down with fever frequent urination took a few days to clear.After being fine on April 9th I developed frequent urination and headed home.Went to er they said prostate was swollen drew blood said no sign of infection sent me home with bactrim D's antibiotic.started it and noticed achy kidney area and pain by my liver right below Breast right said 4 days later back to er about pain.they did ultrasound over kidney gallbladder ran a ezym test all normal.I decided to stop antibiotic.Pain went away prostate swelling went down all back to normal.Had urine tests all normal Cbc count normal just elevated lymphocites on April 20th.Around may 3rd I had a beer and noticed pain stabbing in my liver area.It went away in the morning.I started experiencing that pain again a few days  later off and on accompanied by nausea and fatigue.Its been going on 2 weeks with some joint  pain.The only other possible exposure I had was when visited er on April 14th dry blood on blood pressure cuff about quarter  size nurse went to  pull cuff it slid down may have made contact with my dry cracked hand.
Title: Re: confused scared
Post by: Unsure86 on May 27, 2015, 07:43:09 pm
Hepatitis C is most commonly spread thru blood on blood contact it's rare to catch it thru sex and would be even rarer to catch during oral sex unless she had a cut in her mouth that was bleeding and you had a cut on your penis the only other thing is it could be hepatitis A or B which can be transferred thru bodily fluid if your a frequent drinker over time you can develop liver conditions or unless you haven't been tested for any of the hepatitis viruses it is quiet possible for you to have had the infection for many years without knowing you had it as there are little to no symptoms get the tests and have your liver checked as could be liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver which I believe can develop into liver cancer  hope this helps answer your question
Title: Re: confused scared
Post by: canttakeit on May 27, 2015, 08:28:11 pm
I researched the ones u mentioned doesn't sound like them.I never use drugs I barely drink I was fine up until a month ago
Title: Re: confused scared
Post by: Lynn K on May 28, 2015, 12:33:34 am
What you have described are not symptoms of hep c. If worried wait up to 6 months and have a hepatitis c antibody test then you will know for sure.

Also I would like to suggest if you have sex with sex workers and strippers you really should be using safe sex practices. There are several different medical problems you can avoid by using barrier protection.
Title: Re: confused scared
Post by: CureSeeker on May 30, 2015, 09:06:31 am
I would add to what LynnK said, get tested for HIV, if you havent already.  If you are going to continue to have unprotected sex with anyone, get tested for it about every 6 months.

It could be nothing, or something simple like a recurring urinary tract infection, but since you are exhibiting high-risk habits, thats a big one to check out.

HIV makes people prone to opportunitic infections.  Dont let fear keep you from finding out whether or not that is your problem.  It's not an automatic death sentence anymore with early detection and treatment - but its not wise to ignore the possibility.

Best wishes!

P.S.  The next time you have extra money to spend like that, spend it on an Internal Medicine doctor instead for a complete checkup.  The ER is not going to give you your most comprehensive results.  Its there for life-threatening emergencies (heart attack, loss of limb, things that need immediate treatment), and to stablize patients enough so that they can be sent home and follow up with a doctor in his office.    Skip an evening out, and make an investment in yourself.


Early Symptoms of HIV Infection

Acute HIV syndrome symptoms vary in terms of the number and type of symptoms you may experience and their severity. Common symptoms that occur in approximately 50 percent or more of people with acute HIV syndrome include:


    Fever (100.4 to 104 F), possibly with night sweats, in at least 80 percent of people;
    Swollen, sore “glands” (i.e., lymph nodes);
    Achy joints and/or muscles;
    Rash, especially on your upper body, neck and/or face;
    Lacking energy, tiring easily or sleeping more than usual;
    Reduced appetite, which may lead to weight loss; and


Less common symptoms of early HIV infection include:


    Painful, ulcer-like sores in your mouth or on your genitals;
    Yeast infection of your mouth, throat and/or genitals; and

    Nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea.


Read more at http://www.symptomfind.com/diseases-conditions/early-symptoms-hiv/#Y1BbEpelJh5z72oI.99