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Title: Would You Test? And When is Test Conclusive?
Post by: brycet on July 13, 2015, 09:41:41 pm
Last Thursday I was working with an individual who is Hep C+. I do not know about his HIV status. He was using a small rag to wipe sweat off his head because it was hot. The rag fell from his shoulder and I picked it up with my fingertips to hand back to him. I'm not sure if there was blood or any other substance on it, or if I had any cuts on my fingers or what I did with my fingers afterward. Nor did I check for sharp objects. The individual has a past history of intravenous drug use.

Is testing recommended?

Also, if I were to get the RNA PCR test, would that be conclusive at the 2-week mark?

Title: Re: Would You Test? And When is Test Conclusive?
Post by: Lynn K on July 14, 2015, 02:22:50 am
Hep c is not that easy to catch if fact long term monogamous couples are not even recommended to use barrier protection as hep c is not considered a STD.

Transmission of hep c required blood to blood contact it would require open wounds on your fingertips. Even if you had blood on your fingers and put your fingers in your eyes or mouth it is highly unlikely to transmit hep c in this manner. I would expect you would notice if you were poked with a sharp object causing a bleeding injury.

you can read the information on this web page from the CDC Hepatitis C FAQ for the public


In answer to your question do I believe you are at risk from this exposure very doubtful.

Is testing recommended testing is a good idea for everyone especially now as hep c is very curable so nothing to worry about.

The HCV RNA by PCR I believe is 3 weeks and likely costs around 400 dollars. To diagnose hep c normally your doctor will have a hep c antibody test done to see if you have been exposed and if positive then do the HCV RNA test to confirm infection if the antibody test is positive.

However it does 6 months before the antibody test will be conclusive.

Personally I would save your money and wait the 6 months and have the antibody test if you feel you need to test. Then if positive then have the HCV RNA test.

There is no rush generally with hep c I have had hep c for 37 years so waiting 6 months wont impact your health.

However I am not a doctor I am a hep c patient. I am not any kind of medical professional.

For medical advice your FIRST and BEST choice is ALWAYS your personal physician.

Good luck
Title: Re: Would You Test? And When is Test Conclusive?
Post by: Lynn K on July 14, 2015, 02:41:42 am
I see you have asked and been answered else where also