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Title: forced to take HIV medication in oder to access to HepC medication (from france)
Post by: raf on September 09, 2015, 11:28:55 am

first, sorry for my bad english … i ll do my best to be understanble…

i m 36 years old , i ve been living with hiv since 20 years without any medications,
my results without medications (2 months ago) where 1200 cd4 and 4000 virology


in the mid time i caught hepC (2 years now) F2

i lived in various country and heard very different opinions and treatment options for hiv, in regard to my results i choose to not take any medication until now

but now i m living in france
my doctors and the public hospital are willing to give the possibility to get the new hepC treatment under the condition that i go also on eviplera in regard to become "undetectable"

so not really a choice here…
i started eviplera 2 months ago in regard to get an hep C treatment
but i m feeling "forced", and also i m feeling some side effects, such as losing my hair, anxiety, panic attack…

my doctor said that are not really links to the evilpera

but i m trying to have other people experiences and feelings with the fact to be "forced" to take a hiv medication in regard to have the access to hepC treatment

i have difficulties to deal with the fact to take (for life ) and hiv treatment even if my regular result are totally ok… but to take it, be cause otherwise i will not have access to the hepC medication

does anyone had a similar experience or suggestions ?

i know well that it s an exceptional privilege to have access for me to those
treatments… i don't want to offence anyone here, i m just looking for other exchanges on those matters that not only with my doctor…

thanks for your time


Title: Re: forced to take HIV medication in oder to access to HepC medication (from france)
Post by: jjmurphy on September 09, 2015, 02:52:37 pm
Hi Raf,
I totally understand your frustration with having to take HIV meds before they will treat the hep c virus. Your Cd4 count is really high and you were clearly in very good health before treatment. All the studies show people like you and me who are co infected with HIV and hep c, progress much faster to having very serious liver problems, including cirrhosis, and cancer. The number of untreated co infected people who die early is very large. All the medical advice for co infected people is to treat the HIV first and when the HIV virus is suppressed, then start the treatment for hep c. There are unfortunately at this time no other options for you at present. No EU country will treat hep c without first treating HIV. There is a lot of published work online to help you understand the need for the way they treat co infected people. If you read some of the work it may help you understand and accept what the Doctors are doing. The recent health issues you have experienced with panic attacks and hair loss, maybe related to anxiety, as you are taking medication that you don't yet believe in. I hope you come to acceptance soon, it will help you to get back to full health. Good luck with the treatment, if you need help, just ask. Joe