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Title: Starting week 9 of 12, viekira pak w/o riba
Post by: edman300 on October 13, 2015, 08:57:56 am
First of all I want to tell everyone some good news..... 6 wk blood work showed viral load NOT DETECTED!!!!!!!!  Woo Hoo. I am very thankful to God and the meds for that.
 But as I am starting wk 9 I am really struggling to even function. Is anybody else having a hard time functioning? I am totally wiped out all the time, my legs cramp and get so painful I cant hardly walk. My mind is really foggy ( more than usual  lol ), I have a hard time making a decision or thinking clearly. I have not gained any weight but I feel like a blimp. I feel so bloated and just plain blahhhhh. I am just wondering if anybody else has been feeling like this. I have a few other health issues but I am curious if some of this may be due to the meds.
Thank you all for being a place I can vent to and,
I pray that every dragon represented here gets slain and tossed into the lake of fire forever.
Good luck to you all and God bless,
Title: Re: Starting week 9 of 12, viekira pak w/o riba
Post by: KimInTheForest on October 13, 2015, 01:40:34 pm
Congrats on reaching undetected edman!!!

As for the problems, I myself did not use Viekira-Pak. But what you describe has been described by others here on V-Pak. I hope those problems will all go away for you post-treatment. In my case (Harvoni+ribavirin), ribavirin was to blame for any negative side effects I had. All I can blame on the Harvoni is the "Harvoni High" (which was very welcome). Be thankful you don't have ribavirin to contend with.

good luck!
kim :)
Title: Re: Starting week 9 of 12, viekira pak w/o riba
Post by: Cal on October 13, 2015, 06:24:39 pm
Hi Edman,
I'm on Viekira pak and ribas. I haven't been able to function since week 2. I was hospitalised and my ribas taken down from 5 to 3. I just seem to absorb RIBA more. My lowest point if non functioning was around RIBA anaemia  but because you're not on ribas and I am I can't say for duster if they're sxs. However, they probably are. Have you told your Doctor about them? Also you are 3 weeks away from finishing, can you make it to the end?So  close. I'm a week behind you.

Maybe I am having sxs to the viekira it's hard to say but I am easily exhausted, blurry brain ( not unusual for me though)! Heavy limbs. Shaky? Cal :)