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Title: Was diagoned with Hepatitis E ( Acute Viral Hepatitus) in July 2015
Post by: healthymindandsoul on November 19, 2015, 01:47:13 am
Hello Folks,

I came here to discuss how my life has changed post Hepatis and have couple of questions if you guys can answer or relate to. I am 27 years old Male.

Around Mid June 2015, I started getting slight fever and weakness. I thought this will go away and would be just a normal flu. Gradually My fever increased with lots of itching here. Slowly I developed rashes and tiny pimple with no heads. Surprisingly the rashes vanished after say few hours of happening. I thought that it might be because of bugs initially. Also this fever was different. I felt Hot. Like usually we feel cold with fever. This one was different. Felt Too hot and an air conditioner was needed at all times. With this came extreme fatigue. I slept almost all day. This went on for like a week. Then one day I started throwing up. Like too much throwing up. I puked for like 10 times. So I ran in to the nearest hospital, got my self admitted and then they took my blood test. Tested me for almost everything starting from Typhoid, Dengue, and many more diseases. My Liver Test were the only ones showing abnormality. My SGOT and SGPT count was 2030 and 2090 respectively. Total Bilirubin was 2.7 ; Direct  and Indirect was 1.2

so I was run with IV with constant IV day and night with antibiotics in it. I would throw up anything I ate. So IV was like necessary. This went for about a week. I started gradually having lots of Sugar in my diet in form of Glucose dissolved in Orange - Navel  juice. I loved Potato here cause nothing else would seem fine.This went on for couple of weeks. My Bilirubin became normal after say four weeks.

Currently, I have Total Bilirubin of 0.9 Direct 0.6 and Indirect 0.3

Otherwise I am normal. Doing all other things. But there are couple of things really bothering me.

1. I have faced severe acid reflux and gas from September. Also this was accompanied with constipation for a while. Seriously I thought I am done  :-[
I will have pain starting from left shoulder to hand to chest pain, basically everything a heart attack symptom would show, but I guess it was just Acid reflux + constipation.

2. I have lost about 13 kgs of weight. Before Hospitalization I was 84 kgs. Currently I am 71 kg. This is really scaring me.

Lots of symptoms to share but what I wanted to share was my experience post hepatitis. My life has seriusly changed a lot. I was one of the most fat guys in any group but now I am the skinniest and Leanest  guys, essentially look too weak.
I was already an OCD driven person, now I was my hands, my food boil my water before drinking and what not.

Its just too much stress. losing weight without trying, is one of the worst. Sometimes I get tummy pains but then they go away. sometimes vertigo, that aslo goes away. I still get tiny rashes with itching, but rarely and they go away quickly.Acid reflux still gets me chest pain. If I lift anything heavy, say a bag or something, then I get pain under right side of the rig cage, that also goes away in 2 or 3 days.

I have seen best GI, GP in my area and they all say that I am medically fine. Gotten complete blood work done, chest X Ray, Ultra sound and all came normal. No blood in stool, no Diarrhea, life style changed pretty much to eat only good food at right time now.

anybody else with me on this? desperately want to here from other people here.
Title: Re: Was diagoned with Hepatitis E ( Acute Viral Hepatitus) in July 2015
Post by: Lynn K on November 19, 2015, 02:10:31 am
Hepatitis E FAQs for Health Professionals


How serious is Hepatitis E?

Most people with Hepatitis E recover completely. During HEV outbreaks, the overall case-fatality rate is about 1%. However, for pregnant women, Hepatitis E can be a serious illness with mortality reaching 10%–30% in their third trimester of pregnancy. Hepatitis E could also be serious among persons with preexisting chronic liver disease resulting in decompensated liver disease and death. Similarly high mortality occurs solid organ transplant recipients on immunosuppressive therapy.

How is Hepatitis E treated?

Hepatitis E usually resolves on its own without treatment. There is no specific antiviral therapy for acute Hepatitis E. Physicians should offer supportive therapy. Patients are typically advised to rest, get adequate nutrition and fluids, avoid alcohol, and check with their physician before taking any medications that can damage the liver, especially acetaminophen. Hospitalization is sometimes required in severe cases and should be considered for pregnant women.

If you are having issues your best bet is to discuss your concerns with your doctor. If not satisfied you can see a different doctor for a second opinion.

Just to add stress can also cause weight loss you may want to consider talking to someone about stress reduction.

Good luck