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Title: Have hep c since 80's
Post by: Hope61 on March 17, 2016, 12:39:31 am
Hi not sure if I am on right post I have hep c and have not done much about it, I just went to Er for diverticulitis, I didn't put 2-2 together until now.  I got 2 antibiotics for it,  and told Dr's I feel generally I'll they said its from the diver.  I went home took meds still felt sick for 4 days after meds I went back to Er told Dr that I feel very unwell, not thinking it's my hep c I took more antibiotics.  Still felt sick throbbing in body with every heart beat chest hurts back hurts can't eat,s all sleep lost 10lbs I now weight 100 lbs, Dr said stress can csuse symptoms  went home waiting to get better nothing.  Went to my Dr said it's from not having bowels movement so Went home sat on chair started to cry for how awful I felt.  Started looking up symptoms on line then daughter noticed today my yellow eyes I panicked looked in mirror cried then realized that this isn't diver. At all my liver is leaving me. I called Dr back never told this new Dr I had hep c today I did.  Now she want to see me monday it's we'd. I have been I'll now going on a month almost. To scared to wait till Monday should I go back to ER tell them I have hep c and see if they can make me comfortable till I see my Dr?  Or should I wait till Monday I won't die by now and then right? I am terrified and angry I didn't tell people of this now I am very I'll and afraid never new the body could make you feel this toxic.scared please help thank you.
Title: Re: Have hep c since 80's
Post by: Lynn K on March 17, 2016, 09:34:18 pm
Hi Hope and welcome so sorry you are having a rough go right now.

Were you being followed at all for your hep c? It is so hard to know what is going on with you right now as far as liver without you seeing a doctor and getting some testing done.

For those with hep c for 20 years there is about a 20% chance it can develop into liver cirrhosis especially if the person drinks alcohol but that does not mean that is what is going on with your now.

I also had hep c from probably 1978 and was diagnosed with cirrhosis in Jan 2008 so even having cirrhosis is not a death sentence. Not sure if you are aware but there have been new treatments approved in the fall of 2014 that can cure hepatitis c for the majority of people. I was cured of hep c last year even with having cirrhosis.

Assuming you do have jaundice (Your yellow eyes. High bilirubin will also can cause yellow skin and very dark urine think cola colored) yes that could be a sign of liver damage but that is not the only cause. You could have a blocked bile duct for example also some medicines will cause higher than normal levels of bilirubin.

I found this info on a web site about when to see a doctor if you have jaundice:

Evaluation of Jaundice

Jaundice is obvious, but identifying its cause requires a doctor's examination, blood tests, and sometimes other tests.
Warning signs

In people with jaundice, the following symptoms are cause for concern:

    Severe abdominal pain and tenderness

    Changes in mental function, such as drowsiness, agitation, or confusion

    Blood in stool or tarry black stool

    Blood in vomit


    A tendency to bruise or to bleed easily, sometimes resulting in a reddish purple rash of tiny dots or larger splotches (which indicate bleeding in the skin)

When to see a doctor

If people have any warning signs, they should see a doctor as soon as possible. People with no warning signs should see a doctor within a few days.

It sounds like if you don't have the warning symptoms you should be fine waiting till Monday. If you do have any of the above serious symptoms you should get in to see your doctor as soon as possible. Try asking them to let you know if there is a cancellation so you can be seen sooner.

Do they have a walk in clinic at your doctors office?

Can you be more specific on what kind of symptoms you are experiencing?

It is good you are seeking treatment for your hep c now is a great time to be treated because we now have a cure for most people. Depending on several factors like your genotype of hep C (genotype would be something like 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b etc...) treatment could be as simple as one pill a day for 12 weeks and you will be cured of hep c.

Please check back in and let us know how you are doing and if we can answer any more questions. Hang in there I know it is scary but it will be ok.

Best to you