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Title: very afraid about VHB and VHC
Post by: Afraid_78 on September 18, 2016, 02:46:30 pm

i performed a cunnilingus (oral sex to a girl) and i didn't know if she was in her period.

-The date of the risk: 21 july.
-around the 22 august, i was very tired for 10 days. (and muscular pain)
-1 week later (around the 29 august), i got a diarrhea (during 1 weeks)
-at this moment i'm still (little bit) tired

i did a test on HBV antigen the 31 august: negatif.
i did a test on HBV (antibodies) the 8 september: negatif.
i did a test on AST/ALT (liver) the 10 september: normal (+-15)

i got a few questions:
-if the symptoms are symptoms of hepatitis C and i do the AST and ALT test (normal results), is this normal in a VHC infection with symptoms? (acute)

-what do you think about my case? (check dates, plz)

thx for your advice.

Title: Re: very afraid about VHB and VHC
Post by: Lynn K on September 18, 2016, 04:29:31 pm
Oral sex is not a means of transmission for hep c. Also hep c in general is not considered to be an STD under most circumstances.

Transmission would require blood to blood contact. I expect if she was on her period you would likely have noticed while performing oral but even so if she was the odds of getting hep c in this manner are negligible.

Hep c infection even during the acute phase often has no symptoms.

Per the CDC (US Center for Disease Control)

What are the symptoms of acute Hepatitis C?

Approximately 70%–80% of people with acute Hepatitis C do not have any symptoms. Some people, however, can have mild to severe symptoms soon after being infected, including:

    Loss of appetite
    Abdominal pain
    Dark urine
    Clay-colored bowel movements
    Joint pain
    Jaundice (yellow color in the skin or eyes)

How soon after exposure to Hepatitis C do symptoms appear?

If symptoms occur, the average time is 6–7 weeks after exposure, but this can range from 2 weeks to 6 months. However, many people infected with the Hepatitis C virus do not develop symptoms.

You will note diarrhea is not listed as a symptom.

What do I think about your risk of hep c? Well as a lay person who is not a medical professional I would say your risk of hep c is very low.

If you want an educated opinion ask your doctor. You can have a hep c test if it will ease you mind but wait for 6 months after this event to be confident of your results.

But really I think you have nothing to worry about as far as hep c in this situation.

Please consider the use of barrier protection in the future. In the case of oral sex performed on a female you can use a dental dam or even a condom cut in half lengthwise. That way you will reduce your risk of any STD.

Best of luck to you