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Title: Hep C with antibiotics
Post by: mikejp14 on October 06, 2016, 02:49:19 am
Sorry if this has come up in the forums before but I couldn't see it.
Basically I'm living in Asia and caught Hep C six months ago.
I'm waiting for the doctor to allow me to start harvoni, though they are making me wait until January to start my course of treatment.
Anyway, recently i have been prescribed a course of antibiotics (clarithromaycin) to deal with a urinal infection. I explained my case to the doctor who prescribed them and,  as I don't really speak the language here fully, am really concerned they will have a bad effect on my liver.
apparently penicillin won't help with my problem
Title: Re: Hep C with antibiotics
Post by: Lynn K on October 07, 2016, 11:22:08 pm
clarithromaycin is more of a concern if you have liver damage. As you have had hep c for only 6 months I believe there is no way you would have liver damage so you are at no additional risk than anyone else who does not have hep c.

There other antibiotics that are more liver friendly. I had a similar issue and asked to change my antibiotic but I have had liver cirrhosis for 9 years. Ask you pharmacist if they have a more liver friendly antibiotic that would work on your UTI