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Title: EPCLUSA Week 5
Post by: TexasRose on November 03, 2016, 10:59:33 am
Hi. I am new to this forum, although, I have been reading your posts for the past couple of days. I am on week 5 of Epclusa. Interesting reading everyone's symptoms, because I thought maybe the things I have been feeling were "just me" since these symptoms were not listed on the bottle. I expected the fatigue and headaches only. My first week with Epclusa was amazing! I also had that amazing energy and thought this medication was too good to be true. That passed about the 2nd week. The first thing I noticed I had was back and a lot of muscle aches. I work out very regularly, and every time I worked out, I was so sore like it was the very first time. Even on my rest days my muscles ache. Week 5, and my muscles still ache 24-7. It's totally manageable, but none the less, it is present. Definite brain fog for me as well, not severe, but it does cause agitation for me. Headaches here and there, with my usual severe migraines...but then again, I have had migraines since 2009. I started my second bottle this past Sunday and I started getting chest pains... at first it scared me as something serious...but the next day, I seem to have caught some type of respiratory thing. I am hoping to get better on my own because I do not want to take more meds on top of the Epclusa. I seem to be gradually getting worse though  :-\  A question I have for anyone reading and also taking these meds, do you still drink your coffee? Or black tea? They said it was fine, but I notice some odd little ends that happen when I have it...I love my one cup of coffee a day though. Also, has anyone gotten sick on Epclusa? Did you get better on your own? Thank you and God bless!  :)
Title: Re: EPCLUSA Week 5
Post by: TexasRose on November 03, 2016, 11:05:09 am
Just for anyone starting Epclusa, know that it is so far a wonderful medication! Back in July I had tried taking Solvaldi and Ribavirin...I had to quit the 3rd day. My body could not handle the ribavirin at all! Bad reaction. I am presently waiting on my 4 week blood work results. Should get a call Monday.  ;)
Title: Re: EPCLUSA Week 5
Post by: BillT on November 03, 2016, 12:16:20 pm
Hi Rose,
           The headaches,brain fog,and fatigue seem to be the norm on these meds.Everyone handles these meds differently but those seems to be the 3 things everyone gets on them.Just keep in mind this isn't forever and give yourself time to heal at EOT.The riba's destroyed a lot of people.We had to hide the knives from a few that were on them. :) I drank a lot of coffee while I was treating,but as I said everyone handles all of this differently.A few things we were all told to stay away from were grapefruit and herbal's.You sound like you're doing well so just keep your eye on the finish line,and as I said it's not going to last forever.Have you had the 4 week lab work done yet?
Title: Re: EPCLUSA Week 5
Post by: TexasRose on November 03, 2016, 01:06:06 pm
Thank you Bill! I am very grateful the Epclusa is nothing like the riba. :D I am trying to limit my coffee to every other day, but I really miss that cup of tea as well. Although, black tea is not quite "herbal", I am still hesitant to drink it. I definitely have my eye on that finish line...which happens to fall on Christmas Day! What a treat! This past Monday I did my 4 week labs...they told me to give them a week before the results are in. Anxious to see my results.  :)
Title: Re: EPCLUSA Week 5
Post by: BillT on November 03, 2016, 02:03:54 pm
Hi Rose,
           I did a search and the only thing I'm seeing that they stay away from is St Johns Wart.You could call your doctor and ask to be on the safe side,but from what I'm seeing you should be ok with the tea.

Title: Re: EPCLUSA Week 5
Post by: Mw2324 on November 03, 2016, 06:45:45 pm
Texas Rose,
   Hello. I start week 9 of epclusa tomorrow. I also experience the back pain and chest pain. It's usually after I take it at night. It was happening a lot in the beginning and is sporadic now. It's actually happening as we speak. It's tolerable but I can relate. I'm sure your 4 week labs will show much improvement. Why is it you don't want to drink coffee or tea? I drink about 2 cups a day. Best of luck to you!
Title: Re: EPCLUSA Week 5
Post by: TexasRose on November 04, 2016, 05:19:45 am
Thank you again Bill, good to know.  :)
Mw2324, wow, week 9! You are almost done! Glad to know I'm not the only one with the muscles ache symptom. For the first few weeks, I just couldn't figure out why I was so sore all the time. As for the coffee and tea, I just seem to notice the days I have my coffee, I don't feel as well later in the day. I don't know, maybe it's just me.  I try drinking it anyways most days because I love it so.
Well, I am up, unable to sleep because this respiratory thing I seem to have caught, has gotten worse. I feel terrible right now. Has anyone else gotten pretty sick during treatment? I'm so worried I will eventually need antibiotics or even more meds on top of the Epclusa. I am not one to take meds often, and the thought of being on more meds on top of this strong antiviral med scares me.  :-[