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Title: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: HopeMe on March 07, 2017, 01:02:22 pm
going through a lot right now.

Have been with my girl for like 5 years now &
We have been trying for a baby since years and finally decided to go for IUI.
We got a blood report that she is infected with Hep-C
She is already on meds for this week IUI ..
We have no idea how to proceed from here.
So depressing. We want the baby , I cannot see her sick and struggle in pain.
I love her so much.
God know where the infection came from , we are loyal to each other since ages.

Please guide.
Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: Lynn K on March 07, 2017, 04:08:55 pm
Hi and welcome

I guess you are talking about Intrauterine insemination.

Are you in the US? Is she taking meds for hep c?


Did she only have the hep c antibody test or did she also have the HCV RNA by PCR test that looks for the hep c virus itself to confirm current infection with hep c?

If it was only the antibody test she might not be infected with hep c. The antibody test only shows she was exposed to the virus at some time in her life but about 25% of people are able to beat the virus on their own. The remaining 75% do go on to be chronically infected and will need medicine to be cured. If she only has had the antibody test she will need the HCV RNA test to know if she is currently infected and will need treatment.

There is a small risk about 5% of transmission from mother to child during birth so my suggestion is if she is positive for the virus on a HCV RNA test she should first get treated for her hep c then after that you can get back to the IUI.

The new medicines approved in the last few years are very effective curing more than 90% of patients. Her treatment could be as simple as 1 pill a day for 12 weeks maybe just 8 weeks and she would be cured. Also the new treatments are well tolerated by most patients the most common side effect being some mild headaches.

You said she is sick and struggling? What sort of symptoms is she having? For most people hep c is a silent illness with no symptoms for the majority of people who are infected. It could be she may have something else going on unrelated to hep c. Has she discussed her symptoms she is experiencing with her doctor?

Anyway sorry to hear about your struggles wishing you both my best
Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: HopeMe on March 07, 2017, 05:48:47 pm
Thanks for your response.
Just the antibody test in the USA, we were unaware the reproductive clinic nurse scared my wife, saying it was incurable & stuff.
After seeing the papers we got to know it was only Antibody test. Going to see the PCP tomorrow for further tests.
And reproductive clinic , suggested to stay off for a while until you are clear.
We also decided the same.
Will wait for the results to come in for the next test HCV RNA
I was only talking about mental struggle , she doesnt have any physical ones.
Thanks so much for responding again.
I will keep you posted on what happened next.

Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: gnatcatcher on March 07, 2017, 06:15:17 pm
HopeMe, I'm sorry the reproductive clinic nurse told your wife false things. What Lynn wrote is correct. If the HCV RNA test has a result of "UNDETECTED" or "NOT DETECTED," it will mean that your wife doesn't have HCV. If she does have HCV, the current treatments are very easy for most people. Other than postponing IUI for a few months, the HCV should not be a problem.

Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: Lynn K on March 07, 2017, 07:04:43 pm
Yes her nurse is working with seriously incorrect information. People have been curing hep c for decades. Although the old interferon based treatments of 1 shot a week of interferon along with other medicines for 6 months duration only cured between30 to 50 percent of patients and the treatments were difficult to endure people were being cured since the late 80's and more as time went on. The new generations of medicines have been game changers with the first ones being approved in late 2013. The medicine I last treated with, Harvoni was approved in October 2014 with a cure rate in the upper 90% range. You may see commercials for this medicine on TV. If you look at my signature you will see I treated multiple times with the old interferon treatments but even with being infected for 37 years and having liver cirrhosis because of it I was still cured by taking Harvoni for 24 weeks. My treatment was so long because of my history and condition so my odds were not as good as your wife's with no prior treatment.

Harvoni is now just one of several treatments available.

See an infectious disease specialist or gastroenterologist experienced in treating hep c patients. Find out for sure if she is currently infected with the HCV RNA test. And if she is, get treated and get cured.

Also you might want to try to straighten out that nurse who is providing totally inaccurate information and unnecessarily scaring the heck out of people. 

Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: HopeMe on March 09, 2017, 02:38:14 pm
visited the PCP yesterday, she has sent for next tests.
She says if it comes out positive you need to see a liver specialist.
God, so many doctors we need to run around.
Waiting for the results patiently.
Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: Lynn K on March 09, 2017, 03:04:54 pm
Yeah it is best to see a specialist if she does need treatment. Most of us here have had dozens of tests and doctor visits over the years of our illnesses.

Just a quick heads up it will likely be a couple of months to get in to see the specialist. So first the lab test for the virus the HCV RNA test takes about a week then however long to get the appointment set up then a couple of months wait for the appointment. Then after that probably some additional testing, seeing the doctor again getting a prescription, waiting on insurance approval, waiting for your prescription. And then finally you can get her treated and but this all behind you.

Old joke why do you think they call us patients?

Good luck 
Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: HopeMe on March 13, 2017, 04:40:24 pm
Hello guys,
I got the results today & i am so happy to say we both are not infected.
The doctor said my wife has either cleared it herself. She has a 1.6 on the antibody test earlier, so whoever is here should hold your heart and wait for through results.
They scared the hell out of us, now we have lost 1 cycle of IUI , my wife has low AMH count and its falling drastically so we have to get the cycles done with asap , that's why the urgency...anyways we are happy we are all clear with now.

You guys are like angels for people like us.

God Bless you!
Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: gnatcatcher on March 13, 2017, 05:11:12 pm
HopeMe, thank you very much for the update! I am glad it is such good news.

Best wishes to both of you with the IUI.

Title: Re: Hep-C & IUI
Post by: Lynn K on March 13, 2017, 07:49:51 pm
Hey that is great news congrats to you both!

Best of luck with the IUI