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Title: Scared iv given hep c to a friend
Post by: Martin1337 on March 08, 2017, 12:09:01 pm
Hey all, the other night both me and my friend were sharing joints and i was bleeding from the top of my mouth(Small bleed) and he had a cut that was around 4 days old and sort of open with lots of dry blood on his lip, i told him i couldn't share because i had HEP C. He replied with "Its ok i have the same type as you". He's called me this morning saying he doesn't have it at all (We were very very drunk) and he's worried iv give him it, i feel stupid for believing him now and really don't want to have give him it, he only asked me to pass him the joint after id already lit it and smoked it, i tried to say no very many times.

Am i worrying, iv told him ill walk with him to a clinic and he said it will be fine, the thing I'm worrying anout is he's much older than me, I'm 27 and he's 43 and he has a scarred liver from drinking.
Title: Re: Scared iv given hep c to a friend
Post by: Lynn K on March 08, 2017, 04:20:49 pm
Your blood has to enter his blood stream I guess there could be a very small risk. But bear in mind even a health care worker who has an accidental needle stick involving a patient with known hep c the risk is only 1.8% so your risk would be less than that. Further there is nothing I have seen to suggest anyone has been infected in the manner you have described.

Are you going to get treatment for your hep c so you don't have to worry about infecting other people in the future. Do you know there are fairly new treatments available that can cure hep c? Treatment could be as simple as 1 pill a day for 12 weeks and you could be cured. Are you seeing a doctor at least annually about your hep c? Have you been checked for liver damage from hep c?

Anyway good luck to you if worried your friend can get tested in 12 weeks but even if he has hep c he could have gotten it at another time in his life. He is in the demographic the CDC recommends to be tested for hep c.
Title: Re: Scared iv given hep c to a friend
Post by: Martin1337 on March 08, 2017, 04:55:01 pm
Yes i am going for treatment and thankyou for your answer :) Going for a ultrasound soon i think it's called, i had something put on the side of my body that sort of clicked at your skin and the doctor said my liver was fine right now :)