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Title: Im new to the Forum
Post by: Fritz on July 09, 2017, 03:50:03 pm
Hi, My Name is Fritz and Im new To this Forum and do not raeally now what Im doing. Its all so complicated and I do not know if I post on the right place. Im Suisse and live in Portugal. Im 58 years old married with 4 children. Im having Hep. C since nearly 40 years. I contracted the Virus in India trough a tatoo made on the streets. I also have a Zirrhose  and already have a Treatment behind me with Interferon and Ribaryn. Without anny improvment . That was 3 years ago.  Know Im starting a new Treatment with Sofosbuvir and Daclatavir for 6 month. I have not started yet because I had a mazing recovery . I was in Hospital nearly Dead with Liver failure. But recovered feeling a mazing and dont know whats going on. I have this amazing costly Medication in my house and dont like to start. Im scared of side effects and I dont know how to stop my dayli drinking of a liter Beer every day.
The thing is that at thise moment I feel a mazing. Full of energie going for long walks and using my bicycle for dayli tours. Enjoing Life to the full. How is this possible?
Annyway I want to do the Treatment. The Problem is the drinking. How can I stop drinking. My liver is damaged (Hep.C, Cirrhose with Tumors in the Liver) etc. But why I feel so a mazing beeing nearly dead a few month  ago. Im so confused!!!!!!!! Has annybody experienced a similar thing. And has annybody has a Idea how to stop drinking my Beer. Thanks alot for reading this but Im so confused.
Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: CureSeeker on July 09, 2017, 04:25:57 pm
Hi Fritz,

Welcome to the forum!

From what I read, it sounds like you posted in the right place.

Don't be afraid of the medication Fritz.  It could save your life.

As far as how to quit drinking, I don't know, sorry.  But, I hope that someone who does know how posts ASAP!!

From what I read, you have either experienced a miracle, or, you need to start treatment right now!

I can't believe you don't have a specialist guiding you.  What does your doctor say?

Anyway, you are in my prayers Fritz.  Best wishes for proper care and swift recovery.  :)

EDIT:  Although this forum is good, you might want to copy/paste your post to the LIVING WITH HEPATITIS C" forum.  It is more active than this one.

Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: CureSeeker on July 10, 2017, 04:49:19 am

Either do a search for an alcohol addiction support group where you live.

Or, get in to see a psychologist/psychiatrist.  The therapist can either help you put your habit away for good, or refer you to someone who can.

You may not feel you are an alcoholic, but reality is you have a "habit" that you need to break as soon as possible.  It's a behavior that needs to be changed, and a mental health professional is your best chance for success in changing that behavior, and breaking a deadly habit.

Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: Lynn K on July 10, 2017, 01:57:31 pm
Unfortunately "feeling good" is not a good way to judge the condition of your liver.

Simply said you have ESLD (End Stage Liver Disease) you must stop drinking if you want to live.

If you don't stop you are looking at having complete liver failure and the need for a liver transplant which because you are drinking you won't be allowed to have.

If not for yourself please stop drinking for those you care about so they won't have to face watching you become more and more ill from liver failure and eventually grieving your passing.

You may feel ok but you have a very serious deadly medical condition. Please find a way to stop drinking today.
Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: Fritz on July 10, 2017, 03:10:35 pm
Hello, Thanks alot for you posts. You are all right and I will make an effort to stop my habbits. I  went to the hospital today to clear my mind. I dont have alot of support here. Its very confusing. My Doctor just gave me the pills with a Date for further check ups in August. A long time ago they put me also on sleeping pills. I have chronicle Insomia which is a side effect of my Liver Desease. Im getting off them just know to. So I will start my treatment in 2 Days. Thanks for your Prayers and support. If I go to a Psycologist I will end up after 10 Minutes of talking with anti depressant. Anny way Portugal is one of the poorest countrys in Europe and it is a mazing they give me this very expensive treatment (15000 Euros per month) just like that. Is that not a mazing????? Im aware of that and will do annything to make it work. Interferon an Ribarin did not work for me. I did everything WRIGHT. But no succsess. I heard that this new Medications have less side effects.
When I had total Liver failure just a half a year ago  Im aware Im dont want to go back to that. It is not to describe. It would be good to talk to a psychologist. I will try to find one who is can listen. Annyway thanks alot for reading. Fritz
Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: Lynn K on July 10, 2017, 03:16:15 pm
I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 9.5 years ago and treated 3 times in the past with interferon based treatments. I was a non responder all 3 times.

I treated with Harvoni (Sovaldi ledipasvir) for 24 weeks and am now free of hep c for over 2 years

You can do this

Good luck
Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: andrew j on July 10, 2017, 08:47:44 pm
Hi Fritz,

People sometimes feel 'amazing' - almost euphoric - just before things really fall apart on them.

As Lynn says, you must stop drinking - or doing anything else that even might impact negatively on your health - immediately.

It's harder to stop drinking if you are addicted to it?

Substitution often works well for me.

... Just find yourself some other drink, or drinks, that you enjoy.
There ae all sorts of nice (and interesting) things out there.
Just experiment a bit.

Anyway - again - you must stop drinking now.

You will probably find that you want to drink a lot of water when you are on treatment.
You could start drinking more water now.
It'll help wean you off the alcohol.

Look after yourself, and you should find treatment a breeze.

Take it easy - and best wishes,
Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: Fritz on July 11, 2017, 12:16:34 pm
Hi Yes thats just the way it is. I feel absolutly euphoric . Oh no I dont want to fall appart again. So This is real help. Thanks I will  do it.

Till Later
Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: dragonslayer on July 11, 2017, 04:32:55 pm
Eurphoria is often associated with Hepatic Encephalopathy.  Dont mistake this feeling for a sign that everything is ok. 

"Abnormalities differ from psychological statuses of one and another! The first and foremost sign of the disease is reversal of the sleep and wake cycle! The person might start suffering from mild confusions, agitation, irritation, apathy, restlessness, euphoria and even coma!"

[broken link removed by admin]

As everybody else has said, stop drinking and start treatment right away.

Title: Re: Im new to the Forum
Post by: Tommy E on July 19, 2017, 09:27:25 pm
Fritz, I too enjoyed my home made beer drinking a couple bottles a day. When I was diagnosed with Hep-C 20 years ago, Doc told me to stop drinking. I did and it bothered me for 15 minutes. My point is just because you have a habit of drinking beer doesn't necessarily make you an alcoholic and giving it up may not be as bad as you imagine. Try it.