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Title: What do these test numbers mean
Post by: Jakeperk on July 11, 2017, 12:39:17 pm
I did a Hep C viral RNA, Quantitative bDNA test and i do not understand my results:

HCV  RNA, QN  BDNA     result  arrow pointing left 615  flag range same  IU/ml

HCV  RNA  QN, BDNA   result arrow pointing left 2.79    flag range same

I was diagnosed with Hep c years ago and then did a combo treatment and cleared the virus.  What does this recent test result mean?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Title: Re: What do these test numbers mean
Post by: Lynn K on July 12, 2017, 01:31:54 am
Hi and welcome

What treatment did you use was it Interferon and ribavirin?

Not a clue what your result means. Maybe you could enter the entire result the exact text verbatim. Do you mean the math symbol < less than?

did it say something like

HCV  RNA, QN  BDNA <615  ref range  IU/ml

HCV  RNA  QN, BDNA   < 2.79 ref range same log IU/ml

This looks like an old type of test. I found a reference on another web page dated 2006 the question was:

Q: I picked up my results from my doctor. I didn't get an explanation. could u please tell me what my results mean ? 1st read hcv rna, qn bdna 446300 H ref range < 615 IU/ml 2nd read 5.65 h < 2.79 log IU/ml.

I am guessing the <615 and <2.79 are reference ranges for the test. In the example above there were other numbers with the persons viral load which was 446300 IU/ml H and 5.65 log IU/ml h.

Were there any other numbers on your result?

For reference this is my result from Sept 2014 before I was cured


Component Results

Component                Your Value                            Standard Range

HCV RNA RT-PCR, QT        2422260 IU/mL                     See Notes IU/mL
HCV LOG 10                6.384 log10 IU/mL            See Notes log10 IU/mL

The quantitative range of the assay is 15 IU/mL to 100 million IU/mL
using COBAS(R) TaqMan(R) HCV test, v 2.0. The limit of detection (LOD)
and lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) for this assay is 15 IU/mL.
Results less than the quantitative range of the assay will be reported
as "HCV RNA detected, less than 15 IU/mL".

However my best recommendation is ask the doctor who ordered your test.

We here are not medical professionals we are a community of patients who come together for mutual support and sharing of information. We can offer our best guesses but cannot make a diagnosis of any medical condition.

Best of luck to you