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Title: Nauseau/vomiting and hep c
Post by: dandyindeed on November 30, 2018, 12:54:20 pm
I"ve had Hep C since 1995 and am about to get treatment.    While talking to my doctor about the regular vomiting I have 2 to 3+ time per week,  she said that doesn't sound like hep c.

The vomiting started in 2003 after a grilled cheese sandwich.     I"ve heard from people  consistently that hep c ppl and cheese do not get along.    Fast forward today and i have trouble tolerating yogurt, cottage cheese and lately ice cream (boo hoo). 

I can't tolerate fried foods that have been sitting  around but if it's fresh off the grill, i'm ok.    Same thing with a lot of left overs....if it's been sitting around , i can't tolerate it.    This is all progressively getting worse.

I'm thinking with my hep c rx this will go away.    But my doctor thinks i need to be screened for another diagnosis.    She even said my nausea/vomiting might be psychosomatic .  She said my story was inconsistent.    and that's when i got butthurt and quietly shed a few tears.   

Otg, can someone talk to me please?    This just happened and i'm not to happy.   I"m so alone, folks.     
Title: Re: Nauseau/vomiting and hep c
Post by: Lynn K on November 30, 2018, 03:20:42 pm
Nausea and voting can be from many causes and unless you have very advanced liver disease it is likely not associated with your hepatitis C.

I agree you should have additional testing to determine the cause of your symptoms. There is a very strong mind body connection and nausea and vomiting is among many other things can be caused by stress. I know myself when I have been very nervous about something I have also experienced nausea. Having stress induced nausea if that is the cause is not uncommon it simply means we are human.

Have you considered limiting dairy? Could you possibly have lactose intolerance or maybe another food concern like maybe gluten intolerance or other food intolerance? Those would need to be confirmed with testing.



Best of luck I hope working with your doctor you can find the cause of your symptoms and find relief
Title: Re: Nauseau/vomiting and hep c
Post by: dandyindeed on November 30, 2018, 05:56:06 pm
thank you for responding.
Title: Re: Nauseau/vomiting and hep c
Post by: andrew j on December 01, 2018, 05:02:46 pm
Hi dandyindeed,

Just to back up what Lynn writes ... yes - I think you should try to find out more about that vomiting.
... An appointment with a gastro, perhaps - as part of your Hep C follow-up?

(I think a pattern like yours (of vomiting etc.) can be triggered by just one reaction, as seems to have happened with you?) ...

The foods you've been having trouble with are all classic no-nos with Hep C .
(Many have trouble with dairy (I certainly did) - and deep-fried anything is out, as a rule of thumb.
It's generally not a good idea to eat left-overs that have been sitting around for any length of time, either.
Interestingly, such left-overs are strictly prohibited in certain religions - Krishna among them, I think).

Anyway - try to take it easy.
Just go through this stuff one day - one step at a time.
Some further medical testing etc. should help.

Best wishes,

(P.S. In case you want to reply - I can only get to a computer 2 or 3 time per week at the moment).