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Title: Still Feeling Vosevi 3 Months Post
Post by: Lukey on January 07, 2019, 09:02:01 pm
Hi. I've talked about my post Vosevi fatigue. I think I'm still dealing with it. Before December I kind of felt like I had kicked most of that. I spoke of my ex boss punishing me (for the way I treated someone last Spring or Summer) by getting the neighbors to make noise, and they did it over the holidays and it did affect me. Now, I kind of think he may be easing up, but I'm still tired. Today about mid afternoon I had to really push myself to get the floor steam mopped and get some cleaning done. Then I rested on the sofa for a while, and now I feel kind of wishy-washy again, like I was during and after Vosevi for 12 weeks. Kind of like I'm spent for the day. Some days I can be energetic and do things, and then crash and wish I had done less.

I don't think the HCV came back, I will say that, but it seems to be taking me a hell of a long time to shake the effects of the Vosevi. :)  But it's good to know that at least I seem to be getting better sleep again. I've made all kinds of diet changes and into things like Vata dosha, OMAD, Low Histamine diet to try to improve my health, and these things really make a difference with me. I feel more in touch with the public since Vosevi. I'm less apt to get riled at people, much more calm. But I thought I had passed that stage of my recovery from the effects of the meds, but in reality, maybe not quite yet.

I was having nice dreams this AM when my cat "Cubby" jumped on the bed and hopped over my head.