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Title: Hepatitis tranmission in normal day to day activities
Post by: BrokenOne on October 01, 2019, 12:28:53 am

I have had unprotected sex with one woman and understand that I might be infected with hepatitis B or C. It has now been 13weeks from last time and I am going to be tested. Other STD tests has been negative.

I am just so scared that if I have hepatitis and passed it to forward to my kids :( I have been carefull that they won't be in contact with my blood but scared to death because some information said that even traces of blood that you can't see is dangerous. Of course people get scratches and some blood might been on surface or object like remote control that you can't see without microscope.

I have to cook to my kids and wash dishes manually (don't have washing machine), but can they be infected if we share washed plates, glasses, forks, spoosn... or if share bowl of chips and I have touched some chip and contamined it with my saliva or accidentally eat something that have traces of my blood. Can they be infected?