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Title: Bad hep b, food ideas?
Post by: Cooler04 on October 04, 2019, 11:54:56 pm
Just got out of the hospital after a week, newly diagnosed with the apparently rare acute hep b.
Very jaundiced, alt and ast in 3000s and still climbing.  Bilirubin 16.
I suspect diabetes made it harder on me.  Have 2 blood tests a week to monitor the situation, and if I suffer from confusion or a certain test score goes above 2 then I have to go for a liver transplant apparently.   

From reading posts on here there is not many hep b folks around, but maybe others will know.  I cannot find anything on what to eat and what to avoid aside from salt. 
I am a single guy and cooking is hard enough, but now it is extra hard per no energy and low appetite.   I have no friends or family within 8 hours of me so I am on my own.  Any tips or resources appreciated!

Also, I seem to get a fever every night around 8 PM.  Tonight I took ibuprofen but debating if I should just suffer thru it.  Hope there is someone out there.
Title: Re: Bad hep b, food ideas?
Post by: Lynn K on October 05, 2019, 03:51:32 pm
Hi I don’t have hep b but I did have hep c and I do have liver cirrhosis.

The best person to speak to about diet is your doctor. I have read a heart smart diet is a liver smart diet. And really that is a good diet for all.

If you don’t have liver disease you don’t need to be excessively concerned about salt intake. That is more of a concern if you have advanced cirrhosis and symptoms like edema and ascities. Of course excessive salt consumption is not great for any one.

Basically my only suggestion is do your best to follow a normal health diet that everyone should follow unless you have health issues that would recommend otherwise.

As your situation is further complicated by diabetes, I strongly suggest you keep copies of your lab tests and read up on the meaning of your tests. Like what test goes above 2? That has no meaning for me.

The confusion you mention is a condition called HE or hepatic encephalopathy it is a symptom of very advanced decompensated liver cirrhosis. Have you been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis? If you get some of your lab test results and would like to ask about them old be happy to help you to the best of my ability to understand them.

But again the single best person to ask about your own personal health situation is your personal physician. I’m not a medical professional just a patient who reads a lot

Best of luck
Title: Re: Bad hep b, food ideas?
Post by: Cooler04 on October 06, 2019, 10:15:31 am
Thanks, Lynn! 
I think the test was INI but don't quote me on that, will ask tomorrow when I go back to doc.  I don't think there was any liver damage when I first got into the hospital- they didn't mention it.  My platelets were 207000 and some doc somewhere online said that indicated no damage, with damage being at 175k and worse at 150k. 
Docs did mention beginning of fatty liver but I have no idea how serious that is.

All doc would say is healthy diet and I needed to make sure I was getting enough protein.   I probably need to find a nutritionist...no what I need is a simple cookbook or something that a dumb single guy can follow.  With my ex, she would never cook so I did if we wanted non fast food...I wasn't great but I tried.
Title: Re: Bad hep b, food ideas?
Post by: Lynn K on October 06, 2019, 12:58:09 pm
Maybe INR which tests if your blood clots in a normal amount of time

 You don’t really need to find a nutritionist just look up a heart smart diet.  And getting enough protein is more of an usual for someone in end-stage liver disease S muscle wasting and to occur. Just eat a normal healthy diet as best you can.