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Title: How much damage to the liver after positive for 7 months?
Post by: Keepthewolvesaway on October 02, 2020, 07:50:28 pm
Just got my positive result, know the timeframe and the month that it occurred (only did needle a few times) and the source. Going to be getting further testing soon.
How much damage has occurred already? I'm scared, worried about the treatment. Will I have less side effects to the meds because I caught this so early on? Will they wait on treatment on me for it to get worse?  I have medicaid I believe. How will they know how much damage is done exactly? Will it be allot?

Edit: I'm in one of the forth states with medicaid that pay unlimited coverage for the treatment for hepatitis C medications due to the spike in cases a few years ago so in theory they should cover it.
Title: Re: How much damage to the liver after positive for 7 months?
Post by: Lynn K on October 03, 2020, 12:19:56 am
It takes decades if infection for hepatitis c to cause liver damage. Only about 20% of patients with hep c for 20 years will experience serious liver damage meaning 80% will not. It is highly unlikely you have received any liver damage at this point. To test for liver damage there is a blood test called a Fibrosure test. There is also a machine called a Fibroscan which is similar to an ultrasound that is able to estimate liver damage. One other way to determine liver damage is a liver biopsy where they insert a rather large needle through your side and withdraw a small sample of liver tissue. However, with only being infected you won’t need these tests as you do not have liver damage from hep c with only being infected for such a very short time.

The new meds that have been relatively recently approved beginning in 2014 are very effective with cure rates for those newly infected higher than 98%.

The new generation meds are very well tolerated by the majority of patients reporting minimal side effects. The most commonly reported sides being mild headache which can be minimized by keeping properly hydrated. The good old 8 each, 8 ounce glasses of fluids daily that we all should be drinking anyway.

However, I am not a medical professional of any kind I’m just a patient who was probably infected with hep c for probably 37 years. You will get the best information from your own personal physician.