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Harvoni and Alcohol

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Nothing suggests Harvoni is in-effective with Alcohol intake so why all the irresponsible decisions created by medicaid and other insurance companies? Alcoholics are people too !

You should avoid alcoholic beverages, not specifically because you are taking Harvoni, but because no amount of alcohol is considered safe for those with hepatitis C or other liver diseases. Any amount of alcohol can further damage the liver.

So why the discrimination? Tylenol destroys the liver also !

I was told no Products with Tylenol.  IF it's an absolute necessity then wait at least 3 hours before and after Harvoni dose.  As for alcohol, my doc says none but I do drink a liquore at least once a week, on average.  Been on Harvoni since Jan 2.... Liver enzymes within normal limits first time in 25 years!!  Still awaiting viral load results, was 1,500,000 or so before I began.

Your insurance can deny your treatment based on alcohol or drug use.

Lynn K:
With cirrhosis bleeding is more of a concern so patients with cirrhosis in general are advised to not take anything other than Tylenol but to make sure you limit the dose to no more than 2000 Mg/day.

But in general to try to keep even this one allowed pain med to a minimum for example don't take 2000 Mg every day.


My suggestion is stop drinking. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in Jan 2008 from hep c you really don't want to ever hear your doctor tell you you have cirrhosis trust me on that.

Disabled Hep Cat - Although I don't drink and I am concerned about alcohol use and liver disease, I am deeply disturbed by this trend in insurance. It may be left over from the old interferon days when the decision made sense. This current trend is not medically-based and I think it is a way to keep cost down. Denying treatment to people who won't fight back may be a business decision. It fries me. 


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