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Harvoni and Alcohol

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willie g:
Disabled hep Kat I read your April. 29th posting on drinking,I don't believe your schizophrenic, just my opinion by your well documented trial you preformed,I believe narcissist would be more appropriate. Folks on this forum are sincere about their illness,whether temporary or not and your scientific criteria of drinking and DYINNG was of no INTREST to many I assume,yet........ Ti's a little WIERD now a days so you just may have a few Cheerleaders and we must not forget. FREEDOM OF SPEECH so once again,,,just my opinion,  you now have another catchy label for yourself,"Narcissism" did your cat do the trial with you? Lol and to the person who posted " I guess I should have asked about drinking After TREATMENT I cracked up, and I think you were right on that one lol.   "" Too the moon ALICE!" Just willie g" GATORFALLS

Ouch! Koifish!....

That was quite the rabbit hole... :/


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