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Alpha blockers


I'm getting ready to start 12 weeks of Sofosbuvir/Daclatasvir in about a month. I'm generally healthy and somewhat fit, but about two months ago I started taking an alpha blocker nightly since I was not fully emptying my bladder from prostate blockage. I don't see any interactions in the literature, and the doctor tells me there should be none, but I'm thinking of stopping until after treatment just in case. However, I will probably wake up a couple of times a night and will be more tired during treatment as a result. Wonder if anyone has experience or information about possible interactions. Thanks

Lynn K:
There as you said are no known interactions and your doctor does not believe it would be any problem. Since we here are not medical experts I would tend to go with your doctors advice.

You should also discuss this with the doctor who prescribed the alpha blockers. Some medicines should not be suddenly discontinued you may need to wean yourself from this medicine.

The choice is yours if you feel you need to discontinue your alpha blocker but as your doctor has said there should be no interactions there doesn’t seem to be any medical reason you would need to do so.

Just checking in to say that I completed the 12 week treatment with very minor side effects and had SVR at 3 and 6 months post treatment. No post treatment side effects to speak of. This forum was helpful to give me the confidence to start the treatment and to prepare for it. I figured many people would not bother to come back to the forum after SVR if they don’t experience any side effects during or post treatment, and I’ve been meaning to do so for some time. Perhaps the SOF/DAK combo is less popular now, but it seems like it did work for me. Hope this helps someone. Thank you.

Congratulations SoDakStereo! Enjoy your new life free of Hep C. :)


Lynn K:
Thanks for checking in and letting us know and congrats on being free from hep c!


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