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Liver Pain after eating


Hello everyone -Been awhile since I've posted here. I have advanced cirrhosis with portal vein hypertension.  I think the last time I was here, I was dealing with a 19cm tumor that I thought was going to do me in. We opted to treat the lesion with Y90 radio-embolism.  So far no new lesions have bee found.

I  recently been have experiencing significant upper abdominal pain after eating.   Looking for pain management recommendations from anyone who may have run into this. This has now occurred 3 times in the past month.  I visited the ER on one occasion and they came up with no significant cause.  CT scan liver, ultra sound gall bladder, blood work were performed.  The ER visit was followed by another MRI.  Again nothing revealing. I did mention the ER incident to my Dr.

This may be of interest.  I've been having an MRI abdomen performed about every 90 days for the past 18 months watching for tumor activity.  No new changes or lesions have been noted.  However my AFP levels started to elevate about a year ago. My last blood work indicated AFP shot up to 671. My hematologist is without cause at this time as MRI scans look OK considering my histology.  More consulting is coming up next week.  She mentioned biopsy..

While they try to figure the AFP piece out, I want to kill the pain when it flairs up. Opioids will relieve the pain and get me back to normal after a day, but that is not a long term option.  Any holistic ideas for pain, CBD perhaps?


Lynn K:
Hi Pete sorry to hear about your pain issues. I really don’t have any advice beyond working with your hepatologist.

Just wanted to let you know you are seen and sending you healing wishes. I’m also happy to hear you are still hanging in there after your tumor scare


Hi Lynn,  I recall we chatted a few years back.  Good we're both still here! It would appear that my abdominal pain was a result of diverticulitis that has developed.  Not all that uncommon for my age.  I should be able to keep this in check with moderate changes to my diet. Of course when you have ALD one suspects liver with any symptom.  Now about that liver.

I had Y90 treatment in the fall of 2017.  Things seemed to be going nicely until my AFP levels started to rise in April 2021.  I was having MRI's every 3 months with no new tumor being detected. AFP really shot up in February this year and my hepatologist ordered a PET CT scan. There it was, hiding within the scarred section of my liver that was damaged by a previous resection and the Y90. The blood flow in that region is very poor and the MRI contrast did no show the tumor as a result.  A 3.6 cm tumor was discovered with the PET CT and a treatment plan was implemented. Considering the positive response with the first Y90, that was chosen to address the new tumor

I just received my second dose of the Y90 element yesterday.  Won't know how well I respond for about 2-3 months.  I'm fortunate to still be Child Pugh A, so I feel pretty good, all things considered. I turn 70 in June and I'm still working.  Here's hoping.  Thanks Lynn for your reply, much appreciated!


Hey Pete.  Thanks for sharing your story. Helpful info for me.


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